Microsoft acquires LinkedIn

Finaeos www.Programmable.Cloud launches LinkedIn connection on Microsoft Azure

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Bringing businesses to the cloud since 1999.

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Professional Tools for managing, tracking, sharing and collaborating anywhere, anytime.
Use 1to1Core to, discuss, manage, plan, and launch entire projects like never before.

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Encompassing 1to1Clinic, 1to1MD and 1to1Pharmacy, eHealthGlobals cloud-based solutions provide patients, practitioners & pharmacists with easy-to-use tools to diagnose, receive, or administer treatment.

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Private Market Cloud

Linking Private Market Issuers, Dealers, Dealer Advisors and Investors. Private Market Cloud powered by 1to1Core provides indispensable tools to become compliant, private, secure, Cloud based & mobile.

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Our mission is to deliver solutions for innovators and innovation. We endeavour to provide a new sort of “social capital” to bridge the connection between the way change is financed, and they way technology drives money and change.

About Us

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Our Mission

Cmaeon's goal is to make life easier for the modern entrepreneur by developing technology that takes advantage of the power of the cloud.

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The Best Part...

After more than 15 years in business, we are still discovering new ways to help busy entrepreneurs. Why spend millions on technologies or salesforces, when Cmaeon can provide your company with the same tools and advantages that bigger businesses enjoy.

We are the Enterprise App company
for innovators.

The new era of the App age is here
- it's called Enterprise Apps.

Today, people expect a lot from business – they want to be connected from any device at their convenience. They expect more than a phone, a web site, or an email address.

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From personal to professional, mobile Apps are
now how the world connects.

If you already have a business enterprise, or an idea of how to disrupt and transform an industry, having a core that allows you to move from innovation to transformation is essential.

Your Market + Operations + Products & Services + Customer Services
= Your Business Process

Business connections require a solid core.
What's at your core that builds success?

The Enterprise Cloud & Apps
transform entire industries

Just as Uber is disrupting the age-old Taxi business model, innovations in Finance, Health Care and other industries are pushing the limits of mobile computing and connections.

At Cmaeon we help some of the most complex industries transform from the desktop to the cloud, and to the ‘anywhere’ world of mobile devices.

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How it’s done.

At the heart of our success is our cloud engine and advanced software that we have developed over the last 15 years.

Today, Cmaeon helps innovators capitalize on the cloud and mobile markets. We are a leading pioneer of enterprise level applications and cloud software. With over $2Billion in market volume and millions of users, our know-how is rare and invaluable for the transformation of industries.

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BIPED® (Business in Process Enterprise Design)

As pioneers, we invented BIPED® – a powerful way to re-engineer, build, connect, and implement your existing or innovative business model for the age of the Cloud.

To find out how Cmaeon can put the power of 1to1Core – and the intelligence of BIPED® - to work for you, and set you apart in your industry.

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Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

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