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CMAEON to Pursue Anderson Collections Suit in Canadian Court

Last week we were disappointed to learn that Pamela Anderson had a ruling brought against CMAEON in an Indiana court for control of her website,

We feel strongly that this court action by Anderson and her representatives was inappropriate, as CMAEON had already taken legal action against Anderson and her representatives in May of this year. Currently, CMAEON has an active collections case in Canadian court against Anderson and her agents stemming from non-payment for services, requesting she and her agents stop using the site until CMAEON is compensated as per the terms of our legally binding contract with her.

Both Anderson and her representatives were aware of the Canadian suit and advised in writing for nearly 3 months prior to their US actions, as well as being advised in writing that should they make any misrepresentations to the press, they would be sued for defamation in Canada. CMAEON attorneys are preparing the case against all relevant parties currently.

Unfortunately, Anderson and her representatives failed to advise the Indiana courts of the Canadian court case pending against her, despite the facts surrounding the use of the site by Anderson to benefit her in financial payments of unspecified amounts, and her continued refusal to pay CMAEON for the costs of the site.

CMAEON is confident that the US ruling will be overturned, as the jurisdiction is improper and the facts of the case were misrepresented by Anderson and her representatives. As the collections case is still pending in Canada and takes precedence over the US court case, we will be pursing appropriate

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